Freewheel: 5 or 6 Speed SunRace Freewheel

12th March 2011 ( Comments)

Freewheel: 5 or 6 Speed SunRace Freewheel

5 or 6 Speed Freewheel, SunRace Vintage style screw on Freewheel

Your Choice of 5 or 6 Speed SunRace Free Wheel. The 5 Speed has 14,17,20,24,28 tooth sprockets. The 5 Speed is what is commonly used on Vintage Schwinn 5 Speed Krates, Stingrays, Fastbacks, and Manta-Ray Bicycles. The 6 Speed has 14,16,18,21,24,28 tooth sprockets. Freewheels take 3/32" multi speed chains. Vintage Style Screw on Standard Freewheel Threads fitting most all freewheel applications. In rare cases you may run across a odd french threads, then this will not work. Note: Free wheels have the clicking with in the freewheel, not to be confused with a cassette that has the clicking in the hub. Free wheels just thread on and tighten on with use, we sell the tool to remove this freewheel in our tool section the 37410 09B1. If you need to remove your existing freewheel I would suggest going to a shop because there are many freewheel remover tools for different freewheels. This part is Perfect for your Fab Fixie Fixed Gear Single Speed Creation, Vintage Schwinn Bicycle Restoration or Custom Chopper Lowrider Cruiser Project.

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