1934-35 Schwinn Lincoln B-9 Motorbike Prewar Cruiser Bicycle

1934-35 Schwinn Lincoln B-9 Motorbike Prewar Cruiser Bicycle

13th June 1934 (No Comments)

This 1934-1935 Schwinn Lincoln B-9 Motorbike is one of Schwinns earliest offerings to the Ballooner Bicycle or Fattire Period ( 26″x2.125″ Tires). The Schwinn B-9 Motorbike is a step down from the top of line Schwinn B-10 MotorBike that had more features. The B-9 can easily be considered what started the Balloon Tire Craze that is commonly Know today as FatTire Cruisers. This Schwinn B-9 is badged Lincoln for the Chicago Cycle Supply Chicago IL. This Schwinn B-9 Motorbike is Lux Low Restored and ready for daily Use, Rides Great, Smooth and Effortless with Style, Beauty, and Schwinn Quality.

This Schwinn B-9 has Extensive Lux Low paint work with Gold Pin striped Black and Red Frame and Fork. Sweet Re-chromed Cross-braced Motorbike bars with Repro Coke Bottle Grips and Re-chromed Wald Stem, Re-chromed Schwinn: Headset, Bottom Bracket, Sweetheart Sprocket, AS Crank, The crank has some pitting in the new chrome, this what I had during assembly and how she sits, it is up for discussing and possible change out when shipped. Seat post, Drop stand, and Pedals are Reproductions and the Struts are Lux Low re-manufactured Stainless Steel Struts. The Saddle is a Lux Low Restored Prewar Mesinger: Springs and Pan are powder-coated for durability, comfortable high density foam is used with a Genuine Leather top, boasting original style and comfort. The wheels are Early Step Side Ballooner 26″x2.125″ Rims that are powder coated for durability and stripped in gold pin striping. The Wheels are Rebuilt with Sweet Stainless Steel double Butted Spokes to a front New Departure WL Hub and the rear to a New Departure Model D Coaster Brake. Tires are New Prewar Red Goodyear Pattern 26″x2.125″ tires. The Diamond Roller Skip tooth Chain and the Lincoln for the Chicago Cycle Supply Chicago IL Badge are a Real nice originals.

She is a Stunning 1934-1935 Schwinn Lincoln B-9 Motorbike that would make a Great Daily Rider or Adorn any Collection.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.

Shipping for this bike will be $120 to most of the US


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