1939 Dayton Twin-Flex Bicycle

1939 Dayton Twin-Flex Bicycle

16th February 1939 (No Comments)

This Original Antique 1939 Model Dayton Twin-Flex Bicycle has been Fully Restored with Show Stopping Paint Work, Beautiful Chrome, NOS and New Parts, and Assembled with Quality Mechanics.  This Vintage Dayton Bicycle was made in late 1938 – 1939 by Huffman Manufacturing who also manufactured Bicycles with Labels like Firestone, National, Air Flight, and La France.  This Bicycle was Cutting Edge at its time having Deluxe Dual Cushioning, Boasting that it was the Most Important Development Since the Coaster Brake.  This 1939 model Twin Flex Bicycle replaced the 1938 model ( The Death Bike ) which was recalled because of it’s Design Flaws, and only a Few are Known in Existence.  Huffman Retooled the Twin Flex and released the 1939 Model that was for sale in the later half of 1938.  This Particular Twin Flex was Made in the First Month of Production in 1939, which is defined by the Straight Sloping Bottom Tube that was made for the First Month, Then appeared as a S-curve, Sloping Down Tube After the First Month of production.  The Twin Flex, although Advanced, were prone to problems if heavily used, thus Limiting the number of Twin Flexes Existing Today to a very Small Handful.  Twin Flexes are one of the Highest Sought after Rare Antique Bicycles.  Huffman Mfg. had a lot riding on the Twin Flex Design and the Twin Flex was only manufactured for a Few years.  The Bike Brought Rough times to Huffman with manyDesign Flaws.  Huffman Boasted Quality Not Quantity, and how Ironic because Huffman later becomes the bicycle brand Huffy.  Huffman / Huffy was a a large part of American bicycle history and Huffy was the Last Major Manufactured bicycle made in USA.  The Twin Flex Is a Rare Incredible bicycle with a Really Unique History, adding Value and Beauty to any Antique bicycle Collection.

This Bicycle has Incredible Show Chrome with Rechromed Original Huffman Manufacturing (HM) Springer, HM Crank, HM Skiptooth Sprocket, HM Bottom Bracket, HM Headset, Stem, Twin-Flex Fender Braces, Kickstand, Hubs, and Deep Groove Dropcenter Rims.  The Hardware is a combination of Rechromed and New Spec Stainless Steel.  The Handle bars, Seat post, American torpedo Grips, and Pearsons Deluxe Repro pedals are Nice Reproductions.  The Rare Skiptooth Chain is B-D and in Excellent Shape and in working order.  The Deluxe Features include NOS Dayton Head Badge, Restored Original 6 Rib Delta Torpedo Fender Light, Restored Pearsons Deluxe Saddle, Persons Deluxe Reflector, Repro Persons Deluxe Block Pedals, Original Restored Rare 3 Ribbed Long Tank with working Delta horn.  It also has a Twin-Flex Rack, Gothic Fenders, and a Crows Beak ChainGuard.  This Twin Flex has an Extremely Nice, Rechromed and Rebuilt Original New Departure Model D Rear coaster Brake and an Early Original New Departure Model M front Hub.  The Wheels are Rebuilt with Sweet Stainless Steel double Butted Spokes and the Rims are Beautiful rechromed Deep Groove Prewar Drop center Rims.  This Antique Dayton Twin-Flex is a Full Size 26″Deluxe Mens bicycle.  The Tires are New GoodYear Pattern Black wall 26″x 2.125″ Ballooner Tires. This Lux Low Restoration is Mechanically Sound, But Unlike the Quality Schwinn Bicycles I Restore that Can Be Ridden Daily, I Would use Caution on Daily Use on this bike, as it Holds Incredible History, Beauty, and Uniqueness.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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