1941 Hawthorne Comet Tank Bike made by HP Snyder / Rollfast

1941 Hawthorne Comet Tank Bike made by HP Snyder / Rollfast

13th October 1941 (No Comments)

Vintage 1941 Hawthorne Comet Ballooner Bicycle was manufactured by HP Snyder / Rollfast and sold at Wards Department stores. This Gem was a Full Patina Rescue Plus, the Client brought this wonder full bike to me covered in house paint and after considering the costs of full restoration I suggested a Patina Plus Restoration. The Patina Plus is a Lux Low Process that recovers original paint and through a ugly repaint, often with the result is a Unique Distressed Look. At Lux Low if there is any Original Paint we try a Patina or a Patina Plus process first to preserve character then consider full restoration if either of those do not work to satisfaction.

This Bike was a Patina Plus Restore for one of my customers. The Bike has a New Departure 2 Speed, Unique spring fork, & Gothic Fenders. The Light is not original but was added to ride at Night!

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.


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