1935 Antique Sears Elgin Oriole MotorBike Ballooner Bicycle

1935 Antique Sears Elgin Oriole MotorBike Ballooner Bicycle

06th March 1935 (No Comments)

1935 Vintage Elgin Motor Bike, Also Known as an Elgin Oriole, Built by H.P. Snyder (Aka Rollfast) for the Sears Departments Stores. This Vintage Bicycle is one of the First Ballooner Bicycles. She is a Full Size Men’s Bicycle with 26″x2.125″ Balloon Tires, a Fantastic Rusty Ratty Patina, Tool Box Hanging Tank, Handle Bar Crash Bar Supports,  Fork Struts, and is Rebuilt with Original Parts. This Elgin is a Stylish Bicycle, an Unique Piece of Bicycle History, and will have people asking you if you can ride that, You can reply, Yes, Quite Nicely!

 This Model was the First Bicycle with Balloon Tire Round Fenders and Wheels. This is a H.P. Snyder made frame, oddly enough it is the first example I have ever seen of a Rollfast Elgin, you learn something new everyday. This Bicycle Has the Rare Lobdell Straight Side Balloon Rims laced to Early Musselman Hubs.  The Hubs Have been Rebuilt and are in Good Working Order and the Drive System uses the Rare Skiptooth Chain ( 1″ Pitch in Good Condition).  This Bike Has a New Set of Goodyear Tread 26″x2.125″ Black wall Tires and the Custom Red Nipples on the wheels are not Original. Lots of Rusty Parts and Cool Braced Handle bars. The Seat is a Lobdell Raw sealed pan saddle, I have a original covered one that could be in consideration with the bike. She’s Old, Rusty, Rides Nice, Stylish, and will have others Bewildered that it is on the Road.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.



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