1900 Pope Columbia Model 65 Chainless Antique Mens Bicycle

1900 Pope Columbia Model 65 Chainless Antique Mens Bicycle

08th February 1900 (No Comments)

Getting the Shaft! This Beautiful Wood Wheel Shaft Drive Bike was made by Pope Manufacturing in the year 1900 and was known as a Columbia Model 65. I can’t even begin to tell you how Excited I was to Patina restore this Gem and that getting the Shaft now has good meaning. Now coming out of the Gay 1890s Bicycle Boom, Pope and a Few other Manufactures were hedging bets on the Chainless or Shaft Drive Bicycle to be the next best Innovation to boost sales.

¬†Although the Chainless Bike was in production for many years, boasting how gears out lasted chains that stretch with use, I am sure the small parts and chainless issues proved to be far greater hassle than the basic stretching chain, that is still used today. Columbia’s Shaft drive first appeared in 1898 and were Manufactured into the 1920s. New Model numbers were given the bikes every year and they saw many improvements and changes as the years rolled by. The Chainless started very basic fixed gear bike and saw improvement like coaster brakes, multi speeds, and suspension in both Ladies and Men’s models. This 1900 Model 65 has Beautiful painted wooden wheels. The rear Hub is a Columbia Coaster Brake with Ball end Spokes, all Quite Unique. The Tires are glue on remake 28″ x 1 1/2″ Pneumatic Tubular tires that hold air perfectly. The Bike is adorned with Original and reNickeled parts on its Patina Restored Original Paint. The Seat was acquired with the bike, but I am unsure if its original. The Grips are remakes and the badge is not Original but there to let you know that it is a Columbia. The Correct Badge would say Columbia Model 65, so my quest for a model 65 badge is well alive. The Bike is Totally Rebuilt and Patina Restored in Hopes of Riding, but I am afraid this 110 plus year old will not see to much road time. What she lacks in performance is made up in her Historic Beauty.

My postings express My Love, Passion, and Excitement for my Bikes, Offering You my Art, Craftsmanship, Mechanical In site and Historical Knowledge. Please Enjoy! In Researching this bike I Found 2 Sites that I found Most Valuable and Deserve Mentioning: First, Mr. Columbia “Jack & Kenneth Kowal” at vintagecolumbiabikes.com show dedication and history preservation above and beyond for the Columbia Enthusiasts. Secondly, Jeff Archer’s information on Identifying Shaft Drive Bicycles at firstflightbikes.com

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.


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