1934 Monarch Motorbike Bicycle made by Pope / Columbia MFG.

1934 Monarch Motorbike Bicycle made by Pope / Columbia MFG.

25th January 1934 (No Comments)

Vintage 1934 Monarch Motorbike Bicycle made by Pope / Columbia / Westfield Manufacturing. This Motor Bike was one of the first fat tire cruiser bikes, boasting a smooth soft balloon tire ride, and motorcycle styling. Monarch Bicycles were out of Chicago, Illinois, appearing in the the 1890s bicycle boom, then into the 1900s. My Best Guess is that Monarch joined the ” ABC” Bicycle trust to survive the bicycle economic down turn and then became the property of Pope Manufacturing. This is a much later Pope / Columbia / Westfield produced bike bearing the Monarch name. This Monarch is a Wonderful Early Ballooner Bike. Monarch not to be confused with Monark ( Monark also has extensive bike history with some highly sought after prewar bikes and poorly constructed post war bikes.)

┬áThis Monarch Bike is a early cross over Motorbike ballooner bicycle. The Bike is a 28″ wheel Motor bike frame with a true 26″ Ballooner truss fork. The Fenders are extremely nice 26″ stepped ballooner stainless fenders and the rear fender has step off spacing to fit properly (original). This Motorbike has nice early metal step side ballooner 26″x2.125″ wheels with a rear Morrow coaster brake hub. It is a full size men’s adult ballooner bike with new goodyear pattern black wall tires. The Bike has a Wonderful Monarch badge and Persons Siren. The Bike Was patina Restored as Found (Original). This Monarch is an amazing example of a prewar ballooner bike and beginning of the fat tire era.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.

Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. Cash Price is Lower than our web posted prices.

Non Local Sales: You will be billed through Paypal and Shipping is: $150 for this bike to most of the US.


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