1898 Crescent # 11 Western Wheel Works Bicycle

1898 Crescent # 11 Western Wheel Works Bicycle

10th March 1898 (No Comments)

This is an Antique Crescent Bicycle, Model # 11 made by Western Wheel Works of Chicago.  Western Wheel Works was one of the Top Manufacturers of the times and this Crescent Bicycles has Incredible Craftsmanship.  Western Wheel Works made all Crescent Parts for this Bicycle in House with an Extreme Attention to Detail.  In 1898, This Bicycle was Expensive for it’s Day selling from 75  to 100 dollars.  Bicycles Sold from the 1920′s to 1970′s Ranged from Affordable at 25 dollars to the Top of the Line at 75 dollars.

From Research of Catalogs and Old Ads, we have determined the Model #11 was Made in 1898.  This # 11 has Beautiful, Wooden Rims with a Fixed Hub (Coasting Wasn’t  Invented Yet).  The Tires are a 28″x 1.5″ Tire and Tube Combo.  The Bike is all Original, Except for the Seat.  The Previous Owner Lost the Seat and I feel the Pedals are Questionable, but Appear to be Correct (these 2 items are Typically in the Worst Condition on Antique Bicycles).  The Bicycle is in Incredible Working Order for its Age.  With New Tires and a Tune Up, this Bicycle Would be 100% Rideable.  This 1898 Crescent would not only make a Displayable Antique, but a Timeless, Rideable one As Well.


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