Bad Ol Antique Triumph Excelsior Rat Rod Motorbike Bicycle

Bad Ol Antique Triumph Excelsior Rat Rod Motorbike Bicycle

26th June 1928 (No Comments)

This Vintage Triumph Motorbike was made by Excelsior Manufacturing Company Michigan City Indiana and Rat Rodded by Lux Low. The Triumph Rat is a H P Snyder (Aka Rollfast) made Steel frame believed to be from 1926 to 1932. I Found this Excelsior Triumph as a Frame, Badge, Tank, Fork, Struts, & Headset, I noticed it’s Wonderful Patina and knew she was a Perfect Lux Low Candidate. The Carcass was missing the Fenders and wood wheels and I immediately knew it would make a wicked Rat Rod, putting her back on the road in style. Excelsior and Triumph both have multiple origins and owner ships some times making it difficult to figure and date. Triumph Motorcycles was one company that divided into 2 Manufactures both using Triumph name ( one German based and one English based). The English one was the one that produced the popular 3 speed English touring Bikes commonly seen still on the road (AKA Mary Poppins Bikes). The English Triumph was eventually bought by Raleigh of Nottingham and the Germany Triumph eventually had to change their name. The Excelsior Name name appears on 3 different bikes none in any real relation to each other. Schwinn bought Excelsior Cycles in 1911 and started producing Excelsior Bicycles and Motorcycles until 1931 although some post war Schwinn ballooners were badged Excelsior. The Second Excelsior was a English Bike maker. Lastly we have the Excelsior Manufacturing Company Michigan City. I Believe the Excelsior MFG. Co. Michigan City had their Early bikes ( 1920s ) made by Hendee (Indian) and later they were made by HP Snyder. H P Snyder / DP Harris / Rollfast acquired Excelsior MFG. Co. Michigan City in the late 1930s. It is Not Clear whether Schwinn made bikes for Excelsior MFG. Co. Michigan City, and Vise Versa, But it is clear that a Schwinn Excelsior and Excelsior MFG. Co. Michigan City are Quite Different. The two Factories were not far from each other, so you would suspect multiple manufactures of the same name would of brought a law suit for sure. One thing for sure this is a HP Snyder ( Rollfast) Frame and I would guess 1931 and the name Triumph may of just been used as a marketing ploy to bring more attention to the bike name.¬†

¬†This Excelsior Triumph Rat Rod is Full size men’s bike, Originally it had Wood or Metal covered wood 28″x1 1/2″ rims and tubular tires. As a Street worthy option we went with rebuilt Prewar drop center 26″ wheels with a Good patina and some Sweet Gillette Bear 26″x1.75″ Vintage Tires. She has an Amazing Triumph Hanging Tool Box Tank with Great Patina and Cool Strutted Fork. The Bike Has a Skip Tooth Chain, Drive, and Rear New Departure Model D Coaster brake. The Bike has Drag Bars, Swan Stem, Leather Seat, and Amazing Head Badge. The Frame has been Professionally Repaired on the rear right drop out, ( Can Be seen in photos) Bike had a Lowered Cafe Racer Feel and Cruises Nice, She’s a Bad Rat that will Turn Heads as you Go.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.

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