1937 Antique Sears Elgin Oriole Ballooner Bicycle Murray Made

1937 Antique Sears Elgin Oriole  Ballooner Bicycle Murray Made

04th September 1937 (No Comments)

The 1937 Vintage Elgin Oriole is an Unique long over sized Prewar Cruiser with smooth sweeping lines and a sleek look. This 1937 Elgin Oriole was Built by Murray of Ohio, Unlike the earlier Motor Bike Diamond Frame Oriole made by HP Snyder from 1934 to 1936. Both Elgin Orioles were Marketed and sold in the Sears Departments Stores. The 1937 Elgin Oriole is Quite Rare, It appeared for only a couple years and has a similar frame to the Elgin Robin. The 1937 Oriole has Smooth Lines, Aluminum Fenders, Alemite Lubrication on the Bottom bracket, Head tube, and Pre Air Cooled Musselman Hubs. She is a Over Sized Prewar Men’s Bicycle with 26″x2.125″ Balloon Tires, Fantastic Patina, and is Rebuilt with Original Parts. This Elgin is a Stylish Bicycle, an Unique Piece of Bicycle History that Rolls Smooth with a laid Back Style.

This Second Model Oriole boasted Smooth Lines, Alemite Lubrication, and Aluminum Fenders. The Bicycle has the Rare Lobdell Straight Side Balloon Rims relaced to Early Musselman Lubricated Hubs. The Hubs Have been Rebuilt and are in Good Working Order and the Drive System uses the Rare Skiptooth Chain ( 1″ Pitch in Good Condition).  This Bike Has a New Set of Goodyear Tread 26″x2.125″ Black wall Tires. Bike has Original Chainguard, Braced Fork, Drop Stand, and Cool Braced Handle bars with an Expert Speedometer, I Did not Tinker with the Speedo much, so I am unsure if it works. The Seat is a Long Spring Sewn saddle. She’s Old, Rides Nice, Stylish, a Good Over sized Prewar bike for Big Dude who wants to roll with a laid back feel.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.



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