1892 Lovell Diamond Safety Hard Tire Bicycle by Iver Johnson $$$$$

1892 Lovell Diamond Safety Hard Tire Bicycle by Iver Johnson $$$$$

12th November 2019 (No Comments)

Beautiful Antique Lovell “Diamond” Hard Tire Safety Bike. The Bicycle was manufactured by Iver Johnson for John P. Lovell Arms Co. Sporting Goods Line. Eventually over Time Lovell Diamond became the name of the Bicycle line, but this Bike was actually called a Lovell “Diamond” Model #1. The Model 1 was a Men’s Safety with hard Tires. This Lovell Diamond is a Top Notch Perfectly Restored and Preserved Quality Hard Tire Safety Bicycle. Enjoy the pages of Photos as this is a Magnificent Restoration on an Iconic Bicycle and could not be captured in just a few looks.

 I would like to lay claim to this restoration but this in Not a Lux Low Restoration, but I can tell you it is Absolutely Top Notch. The Bike was restored by a Wheelman and is Correct and Ridable. I Fell in Love at First Look and with deep appreciation of the hard work that went into this restoration, I had to give here a new home. The Specifications are: Diamond Frame of Steel Tubing and steel drop forgings, 30″ wheels with 7/8″ endless molded rubber tires, butt ended spokes, crescent pattern rims, steel drop forged hubs, all ball adjustable bearings, English pattern chain, adjustable crank driving gear, suspension saddle with combination front and rear spring and arc adjustment, direct plunger brake, detachable mud and chainguards, nickel detachable wire lantern bracket, patent chain adjustment, adjustable coasters, detachable step, clover leaf pattern non slipping pedal rubbers, detachable cranks, detachable hollow handle bars, “L” saddle rod. This Bike is a Work of Art showing the Top Craftsman Ship that Iver Johnson put into this machine and the Restoration that is Preserving It and Did I mention it’s Fully functional and Ridable. SWEET! I absolutely Love this Bicycle and as with all my bicycles in my possession, it is for sale, sales will be considered slightly inside 5 figure.

Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. Cash Price is Lower than our web posted prices.

Non Local Sales: You will be billed through Paypal and Shipping or Delivery can be discussed and quoted for this Bike.


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