1948 Arnold Schwinn Ace DX Bicycle

1948 Arnold Schwinn Ace DX Bicycle

19th January 1948 (No Comments)

This 1948 Schwinn DX Ballooner Bicycle is Fully Restored with Show Stopping Paint Work, Beautiful Chrome, NOS and New Parts.  The Schwinn DX was one of Schwinn’s Mid-Grade Bicycles and although Not a Top of the Line Bicycle, it had all the Bells and Whistles of More Expensive Models.  The DX’s Stylings are Very Popular to The Expert and Novice Collector. 

This Antique 1948 Schwinn DX is a Full Size, 26″ Deluxe Mens bicycle.  This DX has the Original Arnold Schwinn Ace Headbadge and the Seat is a Comfortable, Restored, Original Leather Messenger Saddle.  The DX has a Rechromed Original Arnold Schwinn AS Springer, AS Crank, Sweet Heart Skiptooth Sprocket, AS Bottom Bracket, AS Headset, and an AS Seat post clamp.  The Dx also has the Schwinn Script seat post, AS Phantom Razor Stem, and Schwinn Script Grips, which are Official Schwinn Reproduction parts.  The Horn is a nice Original Delta Horn in Working Condition and the Diamond Roller Skiptooth Chain is in Excellent condition, close to NOS.  This DX has an Extremely Nice, Rebuilt Original New Departure Model D Rear Coaster Brake hub with Rechromed Washers and Axle nuts.  The Front Schwinn Script is NOS right out if the Box.  The Wheels are Rebuilt with Stainless Steel double Butted Spokes.  The Rims are extremely Nice original Schwinn Tubular S-2 Rims and the Tires are Original NOS Schwinn Typhoon Cord 26×2.125 Ballooner Tires.

Note: This is a Pre Owned Lux Low Restoration. The Bike has been Ridden, not abused and the bike is in Top Mechanical Shape. The Paint has some minor blemishes: minor chips in top tube, denting & chipped in the take gill from springer (common old and new), minor scratches bottom tube under the front of the tank from being on a rack. A few random scraches I am pretty sure I can buff out when I Dissassemble the bike. The Seat leather has some slight discoloration. These Descriptions come from the one that restored the bike, who has handled the bike in every way and has the most scrutinized eye. The wear is not what catches a common persons eye and these blems would receive no mention is it was original paint. Now the Chrome is in Excellent Shape and came from a time when I had better chromers. The Wheels set is a Beauty in it self, So Much that I would like to keep them. If your interested in this bike at a lower price I would Consider trading the wheels out for Restored Painted S-2 Wheels (Beautiful Also) The Pictures were taken when the bike was restored, and the Bike Looks that good today, only with blems described above. What You have is a Gorgeous, Used, Restoration, that you would feel Comfortable riding Daily and You Be the envy of Everybody on Your Block.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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