1948 AS Schwinn B-607 Ballooner Postwar Autocycle Bicycle

1948 AS Schwinn B-607 Ballooner Postwar Autocycle Bicycle

10th May 1948 (No Comments)

This Beautiful 1948 Schwinn B-6 Bicycle was one of Schwinn’s Top of the Line Bikes with all the bells and whistles. The B-607 / B-6 considered a lesser model than the Popular Schwinn Phantom, but in many cases now considered more desirable. The extensive Beautiful paint work proves more appealing than the chrome features of the Phantom. The B-6 is an amazing bike, built with Schwinn Style Quality, By Far one of My Favorite Bikes. The Desire of this B-6′s was so much that a Collector bought this bike off the stand before it even made it to the show room floor.

┬áThis 1948 Schwinn B-6 bike has all the deluxe features that are complimented by the beautiful paint. Features like: S-2 Chrome Rims, Arnold Schwinn Springer has a Working Locking fork, to Lock the Wheel in Place. The Cycle Lock was a Deluxe Feature on Top of the line Schwinn Bikes, Locking the wheel in place like a Motorcycle. This Schwinn B-6 has Big Ballooner Duck Tail Fenders Double Striped with Train Light, Horn Tank, 6 Hole rack, phantom chain guard, deluxe messenger seat with crash rails, AS Crank, AS razor stem, Phantom chain ring, sprag kickstand, script seat post. and Schwinn grips. This is a full size men’s adult ballooner bike with Schwinn Typhoon Cord 26″x 2.125″ White wall tires.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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