Vintage Iver Johnson Special Truss Bridge Road Racer Bicycle

Vintage Iver Johnson Special Truss Bridge Road Racer Bicycle

30th March 1930 (No Comments)

This 1930 Special Truss Bridge Road Racer rolling Chassis is a Classic example of the Style and Beauty to be expected from Iver Johnson Bikes. Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, famous for their iconic Truss Bridge Bicycles and Firearms, were built in Fitchburg Massachusetts from the late 1890s till they closed their doors in the 1940s. Iver Johnson Bicycles are amazing machines with gun smithing quality and detail. Iver Johnson’s are unique with proprietary parts like no other, this adds to there value and rarity.

┬áVintage Iver Johnson Special Truss Road Racer Rolling Chassis: Frame, Fork, Wheels, plus plus plus.. ! Close to a whole Bike. I am pretty sure this Iver Johnson Frame is from 1930, an with the chrome headtube assume it’s a Special Truss Road Racer. The Frame measures approximately 22″ crank center to the top of the top bar, thus assume it’s a 22 inch frame. Serial 56xxxx. Frame is in Good Condition and has OK patina. The Bike has Iver Johnson parts it came with : Seatpost, Seatpost clamp bolt, Crank, Sprocket, and Bottom Bracket ( with Iver dust caps, the only time I have ever seen these and I have had a mother load of Ivers), Chain Adjusters, stem, Headbadge etc… The Wheels are V Shaped Wood Racing Rims Laced to a front New Departure W hub and a Rear New Departure BR Fixed Gear Hub. The Wheels have a good patina look and spin straight for old wood, but have been repaired and are not road worthy, the tires are newer tubulars that hold air. The parts were assembled for a Patina build and I was having trouble finding the final parts. This Chrome Head Arch Bar Road Racer is not very common and almost complete.

Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. Cash Price is Lower than our web posted prices.

Non Local Sales: You will be billed through Paypal and Shipping is: $160 for this Bike to most of the US.

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