Antique Spalding Chainless w Spoon Coaster Brake TOC Bicycle $6900

Antique Spalding Chainless w Spoon Coaster Brake TOC Bicycle $6900

27th February 2021 (No Comments)

This Vintage Spalding Shaft Drive with one of the First Coaster Brake Hubs is an Exquisite Turn of the Century Bicycle. Albert Goodwill Spalding began his sporting career as a Baseball pitcher and later founded A. G. Spalding & Brothers a sporting goods company. During the late 1880s and 1890s, A.G. Spalding produced several different bicycle models and sponsored a racing team to help advertise its cycles. In 1899 Spalding purchased the concerns of over 48 bicycle manufacturers, then sold them to the American Bicycle Company, forming a trust in an effort to reduce overhead and improve slumping sales. This 1900 Model 31 Mens Chainless Bicycle was top of the Line “Latest and Greatest” and even boasted the new luxury of a Coaster Brake as all predecessors were Fixed Gear. I must say from all the Chainless bikes I have restored / rebuilt, the Spalding Chainless Bike has one of the Best Shaft Drive Mechanisms and this one is extra nice, totally rebuilt, patina restored, and ready to ride smoothly in amazement.

¬†This 1900 Model 31 Mens Chainless Bicycle has been Lux Low Patina Black Restored and Totally Rebuilt. It’s an Amazing Piece of History Ready to Ride, I consider this a Personal Bike and Ride it Quite often, It rides great flat land with the gearing, little tough on the hills, but I also don’t want to push a 120 year old bike super hard out of respect. What drew me to this bike was the Spalding Swaged Straight Pull / Tangent Laced Hubs and Spoon Coaster Brake, Serious Bike Nerding. :) The Original Rims were wood, but to make the bike ridable we used 28″ wheels made with Velocity Blunt 35 rims that mimic wood rims. The Rims have a Lux low Patina paint treatment, with aged deep burgundy paint and gold pin striping with distressed aging to look like old original wood wheels. The wheels are laced with stainless steel straight pull, tangent, or swaged spokes to Original Spalding Front 32 hole and 40 hole Coaster Spoon Brake Hubs. The Quality Performance and Mechanics or the Spalding Hubs Compliment the new rims and Schwalbe Little Big Ben 28″ x 1 1/2″ cream white tires to make an amazing wheel set. The Bike has Nice Original Spalding Parts: Cranks, Bottom Bracket, and Rat Trap Pedals, Handlebars, Headset, Binder Stem and Seatpost. The Wheeler Extra Seat is Grips are High quality Reproductions. The Badge and Bike is after 1899 which makes it a ABC American Bicycle Company Trust Bike. The Parts on the Bike are Original Spalding still making the bike All Spalding unlike how some ABC Bikes, but ABC Mutts didn’t really appear till around 1903. The Bike is a Big Boy it is a 26″ Frame, Not Production but available as a special order from the factory. I am 6’2″ and it’s a tad snug for me but I enjoy the hight. I can’t say enough about the Quality of this Bike and what it has in Beauty is matched by its Smooth Riding. Unfortunately with that said it will have a high price tag.

This Amazing Bicycle is Rebuilt, Cleaned, and Sealed.  This Bicycle would Be Perfect for a Collection, Conversation , Riding, and Parading. Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.

Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. Cash Price is Lower than our web posted prices.

Non Local Sales: You will be billed through Paypal and Shipping is: $300 for this Bike to most of the US.

Stand Not Included, but can be purchased with the bike or through our store.

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