2009 Lux Low Droid 2 Chopper Bicycle $2000

2009 Lux Low Droid 2 Chopper Bicycle $2000

25th January 2019 (No Comments)

The 2009 Lux Low Droid 2 Chopper Bicycle is Raw, Lean and Mean that’s Boasting Performance and Style.  As one of our Level 3 Choppers, she is the pinnacle of years of development in the Lux Low Chopper Showcase.  The Droid 2 is finished  in Raw, Brushed Steel and built with a emphasis on Performance and Compact design.  Built just as envisioned, The Droid 2 is a head turner that’s Excellent to Ride.

  The Frame is an assortment of Vintage Schwinn Chicago Frames cut apart and rewelded.  Sheet Metal is Welded to a wire frame creating a Sturdy Tubular Body.  The Droid 2 is Finished in Brushed Steel, then Cleared to protect it from the Elements creating a Solid and Stylish appearance.  The Bike is finished and For Sale As Is.  Although the Brushed Steel is my preference, a Lux Low Paint Job is always optional for an additional cost of around $1500. ( Colors choices are endless and add personal touches to Customize your own Style).  Feel Free to contact me for options.  The Droid 2 is a Full Size, Chopper Bike with a Lowered Feeling, Comfortable Ride and Fits someone 5’6″ to 6’2″.  Chopper Bikes require a Learning Curve that’s Easily Mastered in a short time (No Charge for the Learning Curve).  I Took This Baby for a 20mi. Maiden Voyage and She Rocks. The 3 Speed Nexus also gives a nice Range of Gears for Effortless Ridding.  The Droid 2 has a cool Triple Tree Fork, High Ape Handle Bars with 3 Speed Twist Shifter, Coke Bottle Grips, Lux Low Super Cush Seat, Tear Drop Sprocket and a Red Chain.  The Wheels are a Front Vintage Tri Spoke Wheel with a Maxxis Miracle 20″x2.10″ Tire and the Rear is a Wide Brushed Metal Rim with Black Spokes laced to a Shimano Nexus 3 speed Coasted Brake Hub with a Fatty 24″x3″ Big Ol Slick.


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