1894 Antique Sterling Safety Bicycle. Built Like a Watch. $4200

1894 Antique Sterling Safety Bicycle. Built Like a Watch. $4200

20th July 2021 (No Comments)

The Sterling was 19th century American fixed gear safety bike, made by Sterling Bicycle Co. aka “Sterling Cycle Works”. The Sterling has incredible craftsmanship and was known and sold as the Bicycle “Built like a watch”. Sterling Cycle Works manufactured bicycles from 1894 to 1898 at its factory in Chicago, Illinois. In 1899 Sterling move to Kenosha, Wisconsin and the company was sold later that year.

I Can’t begin to describe how beautiful this bike is, I have always wanted a fine American safety bicycle and when I saw this jewel I purchased her with no hesitation. The Sterling has Craftsman Ship and Beauty I find unmatched with detail and manufacturing all done in house. I Believe this a 1894 Sterling Bicycle based on the previous owner and what little research that is out there. The bike is an early fixed gear bike, with early steel rims (quite uncommon as wood was more common in those days) & soldered spokes 28″x1 1/2″ tubular tires. The bike is adorned with watch like crafted small parts with fine detail. The bike has an unique bottom bracket, drive, pedals, the chain is a monster block chain that for some reason was the biggest item that caught my eye at first glance. The bike has leather saddle, cork grips, an oil lamp, and tool pouch. This gem is over 100 years old, in incredible original condition, and fully ride able to boot. The Sterling is a Fine example of an early American Safety Bicycle.


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