1900s Antique Reading Standard Roadster Wood Wheel Bicycle

1900s Antique Reading Standard Roadster Wood Wheel Bicycle

10th July 1906 (No Comments)

Early 1900s Antique Reading Standard Roadster Wood Wheel Bicycle.¬†This old bike was made by the Reading Standard Company, Reading Pennsylvania at around 1906 to 1910. The Reading Standard Company Manufactured Bicycles and then motorcycles in to the Teens ( The Motorcycle Boom ). This Antique Bicycle is Patina restored as found and it’s Beauty Tells a story of it’s Time.

This Reading Standard is a Nice Quality Early Antique bike showing Craftsmanship superior to later mass production bicycles. The Bike is a 28″ x 1 1/2″ Wood wheel Roadster Bike with Tubular Tires. Nice Gray wall / red tread Tubular that hold Shape but not air.( A Lux Low Tire treatment) The Bike is an Interesting Old Bicycle, Restored as Found with Patina intact. The Wood Rims have been refinished, restored, and re laced with original spokes to original hubs. The rear hub is a New Departure Coaster Brake the Front is a Early Barrel hub (sorry front hub takes Special Axle nuts that I do not have, but the wheel stays on) The Chain is an early Skip tooth Block chain. Bike has Early Crank & Sprocket with an unique Bottom Bracket, Head set, Unique Star Stem, and Early Rat Trap Quill Pedals. The Bike is all Original (as Found) except for the seat was missing the top ( the top is a Used Recycled top from the era, I do not have any literature to know what should be correct, but the top looks good with this patina restoration). The Wood Wheels and Original Patina is Beautiful and although completely rebuilt, I would say she is more of a show piece than 100 year old Rider.

This Amazing Bicycle is Rebuilt, Cleaned, and Sealed.  This Bicycle would Be Perfect For a Collection, Conversation or Decoration. Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.



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