2004 Lux Low Cracker Biter Chopper Bike

2004 Lux Low Cracker Biter Chopper Bike

25th January 2004 (No Comments)

The 2004 Lux Low Cracker Biter Chopper Bicycle is a Low Lying little Stealth Cruiser with stylings of a Cafe Racer.  The Cracker Biter is a Level 2 Lux Low Chopper having Simple Beauty and Style with, Lowered Racing Handle Bars, bold Triple Tree Fork, 72 Spoke radial Fan Laced Wheels, and a Pimp Seat and Struts.  The Cracker Biter is a Gem of a ride and a Perfect Ride for a Fine little Philly. 

The Cracker Biter is a Mild custom with a Sharp Purple color scheme.  The bicycle has Lowered Racing handle bars and a bold Triple Tree fork. Although a Low Profile Chopper, the Cracker Biter is a Full Size Chopper with 26″x21.0″, Fan Laced, 72 Spoke Wheels and street Slicks.  The Seat is a plush Banana secured with Twisted Struts.  The Cracker Biter moves with a Low Pro Style, turning heads as you go.


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