1936 Vintage CWC Prewar Roadmaster Fattire Cruiser Tank Bike $3200

1936 Vintage CWC Prewar Roadmaster Fattire Cruiser Tank Bike $3200

12th October 2019 (No Comments)

This is a Antique 1936 CWC built Roadmaster Bicycle was one for the First Ballooner Bikes offered by “CWC” Cleveland Welding Company. This is a Iconic early one year CWC bike is quite rare and seldom scene. CWC bikes are built rugged and are some of the cooler classic tank bikes. This ballooner bike has the Unique Tank, Gothic Truss fork , Silver Ray, Pancake Horn, Extra heavy duty fenders. This CWC Beast has Tough Style with Good Patina. This CWC is totally rebuilt and is ready to ride Nice and Smooth in Style

This 1936 Early Roadmaster Ballooner is Totally Rebuilt and Lux Low Patina Restored. The bike has the Unique Tank that wraps around the head tube, tank holds the power and switch for the working Silver Ray ( high efficiency Led light installed ) and the working Delta Gangway Pancake Horn, the bike has Extra Heavy Duty Fenders ( thick and tough ), Cross Braced Handlebars, Rack, Reflectors, Early Chainguard, Drop stand, ¬†and Gothic Truss fork. This is a full size Men’s Bike with 26″ x 2.125″ CWC step side Ballooner wheels. The Wheels have a front New Departure W hub and a Rear New Departure Model D Coaster Brake Hub. The Wheels have been rebuilt, trued and have new Goodyear pattern Blackwall ballooner tires. Bike has a good working rare Skip tooth Chain and Drive. She’s Totally Rebuilt and Rides Real Nice. Tough, Old, Durable, Ballooner Bike with Style, and Quite Rare to Boot..

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.

Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. Cash Price is Lower than our web posted prices.

Non Local Sales: You will be billed through Paypal and Shipping is $220 for most of the US.



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