1957 Antique Shelby Flyer Super Deluxe AirFlow Tank Bicycle

1957 Antique Shelby Flyer Super Deluxe AirFlow Tank Bicycle

25th March 1957 (No Comments)

This Vintage Shelby Townie Bike is AMF’s Top of the Line Bicycle, using Parts from their acquired Manufacturers.  Basically, this Shelby should Be Called The SUPER MUTT.  This Bicycle is Unique and has a Conglomerate of Parts From Different Manufacturers and it’s all Correct.  This is a AMF Built Shelby Flyer with Original Shelby Parts , Cleveland Welding Parts and AMF Parts.  The Great Shelby of Ohio was Sold to The Gambles Department Stores in the early 1950s and They sold It to AMF about a Year Later.  Cleveland Welding, another prominent Bike Manufacturer was also Sold to AMF. 

  This Middleweight Model Is a Full Size Adult Men’s Bike with 26″x 1.75″ Tires.  This Bike is in Excellent Original Condition As Found and I Believe it was made in about 1957.  Shelby Bikes were High Quality and Highly Sought After and were Comparable to Schwinn’s Quality.  This Bike is Quite Rare and I Have not Seen it in Print.  It was The Top of the Line Bike and Is Perfect for Collecting or Riding around Town in Style.


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