1937 Huffman Made Firestone Fleetwood Supreme Bicycle

1937 Huffman Made Firestone Fleetwood Supreme Bicycle

05th December 1937 (No Comments)

Check out the Amazing Styling of this Fully Restored Prewar Vintage Tank Bicycle! An Antique 1937 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme also Known as a Super Streamline. Super Streamline was the name given to Huffman’s other brands like Dayton, Huffman, La France, and National. The Fleetwood Supreme was a top of the line bicycle made by Huffman Manufacturing for the Firestone tire department stores. This rare Gem has a beautiful swooping design frame, a 3 rib Zephyr Long tank, Firestone chainguard, luggage carrier, Deep fenders with initial spot in the front fender. This Bicycle has unmatched style, is Fully restored, and in perfect working order. Perfect for a pedestal or to be ridden daily, Turning heads as you go.

This stylish prewar cruiser is slightly larger than traditional full size adult male bikes. The Fleetwood Supreme has a cool smooth long laid back feel and ride. The bike has bright rechromed original struts, rims, cranks, bottom bracket, fender braces, headset, stem, morrow coaster brake and seatpost. The wheels are drop-centers laced with stainless steel double butted spokes to a front new departure hub and rear Morrow coaster brake, both rebuilt, true, and glide effortlessly. The tires are of course, Original Firestone 26″x 2.125″ ballooner tires. The seat is a restored long spring Messenger deluxe saddle with powder coated springs and leather top. The pedals are nice reproductions of the original Persons Deluxe streamlined teardrop pedals. The tank has a working delta horn and the rear fender has a persons tombstone reflector. I have a 6 rib prewar delta light for the bike, I painted it black and was unsatisfied, i will be painting the light proper silver and will included it with the bike instead of the shown second delta horn on the fender. The Bike had the cool prewar drop-stand kickstand, cross-braced handle bars and torpedo grips. She is an Amazing Ride, Boasting Incredible style and performance. This bike may be my favorite Lux Low Restoration yet, and its easy to see why.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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