Lux Low Specializes in Full Antique Bicycle Restoration.  Lux Low Strives for Excellence with an Emphasis on Quality, Artistry, Craftsmanship, Knowledge, and Mechanics.  Lux Low only Restores Quality Vintage Bikes that Will Retain Value After Restoration and insure Years of Riding Pleasure.

Lux Low Hand Picks Quality Vintage Bicycles for our Restorations.  Then we Record, Research, Disassemble, and Catalog the bicycles to Insure an Accurate Restoration.  Chrome parts are Sent for Re-Plating and Prime Original Parts are Gathered for the bike.

The Bicycle undergoes an Extensive 7 Layer Lux Low Paint Process.  Lux Low uses Top Grade Catalyzed Urethane Enamels for our paint jobs.  Paints are Professionally Matched and Formulated from the Original Paint.  Painted Parts are properly Inspected and Straightened, Sandblasted to Clean Bare Metal, Primed with Catalyzed, Self-Etching Primer to insure proper Protection from Rust and Corrosion and Primed with Build Primer and Sealer for a Smooth Base.  Base Coats are Applied and Paint Masking art work is done.  Next, Catalyzed Top Coats or clears are Applied.  Then, Decals are Applied followed by a Final Catalyzed Clear Coat.  This Lux Low Paint Job shows it’s Beauty and Adds professional Quality and Durability to your Antique Classic Bicycle.

Painted Parts which require Extra Durability are Powder Coated for Strength.  Original Seats are assembled with New, High Density Foam and covered in Leather for Style and Comfort.  Wheels are assembled with NOS Torrington or Stainless Steel Spokes to Beautiful Original or ReChromed Hubs.  When the Paint has Fully Cured, the bike is Reassembled with Attention to Detail and Quality Mechanics.  The bicycle will undergo Testing for the Final Lux Low Approval.

Lux Low is Only offering Painting Services and Shipping At This Time, due to the Unreliability of the Re-plating Industry.  Lux Low Full Restorations Services are Only Available on our Finished Lux Low Bicycles.

Lux Low Painting Services and Prices: Lux Low will Provide our Extensive 7 Layer Lux Low Paint Process on Bicycles We Approve and Specialize in Restoring.  These include Prewar and Postwar Ballooner Bikes like:  Schwinn, Dayton, Huffman, Colson, ( CWC ) Cleveland Welding Company, Roadmaster, Western Flyer, Hawthorne, Elgin, Murray, Mercury, Shelby and of Course the Schwinn Stingray line.  In Most cases, we can pull the paint from our catalog of Professionally Formulated Original Colors.  If we Do Not Have the Color Formulated, we will Need a Part with Prime Paint to get an Accurate Match (fees may apply).  Estimated Prices are Based on how Difficult the Paint work Is and how Many Parts there are.  Stingrays range from 400 to 800 dollars.  Ballooners with 2 color Design ( like a Schwinn DX ) are 900 to 1200 dollars, and 2 Color Designs With Pin Striping ( like a schwinn B-6 ) are 1200 to 1500 dollars.  These Prices are Rough Estimates and a Hard Estimate is given Upon Job Inspection.  Productions Times can run Over a Year due to the fact that We Paint mainly in the Fall and that we like to Work on Groups of the Same Bike (batch process).  Prices Do Not Include Shipping.

If you would like to Know if Your Restoration is something We are Interested in Painting:  Please Email Me at with the Make, type, Model, Year of your Bike, and also List all Parts that Need to be Painted (no pictures at first please).  We will Email you with a Preliminary Estimate.