2004 Lux Low Wasp Chopper Bicycle

2004 Lux Low Wasp Chopper Bicycle

25th January 2004 (No Comments)

The 2004 Lux Low Wasp Chopper Bicycle is a Bold and Rugged Beast with a Large Profile and a Smooth Ride.  The Wasp Chopper has deluxe features like a Lighted Lux Low Tear Drop Tank, Giant Ape Hangers, a bold Triple Tree Fork, and Extra Heavy Duty Wheels with Drum Brakes.  The Wasp Ride is Cadillac Smooth with Mac Truck Stability.

The Wasp is a mild Custom build with a Wire Frame Tank Body.  The Tank is Covered with Fiberglass, Painted Candy Tangerine and lights up with low wattage LED’s, Illuminating the Tanks Rib structure.  The Wasp Chopper has Huge Ape Hangers that drive a Triple Tree Fork.  The Wheels are Extra Heavy duty 24″x3″ wheels with 10 Guage Spokes and Drum Brakes with 24″x3″ Fire Ball Tires.  The Seat is a deluxe Cushioned Spring Seat with Struts.   The Wasp’s Bold Performance and Smooth Ride ranks it as one of the Best all around Chopper Bicycles.


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