1950 Shelby 52a Airflo Ballooner Bike

1950 Shelby 52a Airflo Ballooner Bike

26th March 1950 (No Comments)

This Vintage 1950 Shelby 52a Airflo Deluxe Ballooner Bicycle has beautiful Style, lots of Chrome, and all the Deluxe Features.  The 52a was Shelby’s Top of The Line Postwar Ballooner Bicycle and was Designed to Go Head to Head with, and Rival Sales away from the Popular Schwinn Phantom Ballooner Bicycle.  This Antique Shelby 52a Airflo has all the Deluxe Features and the famous Shelby Airflo Frame.  The 52a is one of my Favorite bicycles, blending Unmatched Beauty and Style.

This bicycle boasts the Deluxe Features like the Shelby Spring Fork ( The Smoothest ride ) providing a Floating Ride you can Feel and See at the same time.  It has three resilient Steel Springs that Absorb Shock and help Keep the bicycle Under Control while providing a Safer, More Enjoyable Ride.  It has Beautiful Protect-O-guard Chrome Braces that angle away from the Guards for Extra Protection.  It has a Working Shelby Train Light that’s a NOS, Three Purpose Delta Triple-Lite that’s a Working Electric Tail light, Automatic Stop Light and Reflector All-inOne.  It has a Beautiful Chrome Tank with a Working Horn, Deluxe Chrome Rack, Deluxe Seat, Tear Drop Persons Deluxe Pedals, and Beautiful Black, Red, and White Paint.  The Bicycle has beautifully ReChromed parts including a Rare Chain Guard, Rack, Horn Tank, Fender Braces, Crank, Fork Struts and a Rare Shelby Script Train Light.  The Seat is the Original Deluxe Troxel, Completely Rebuilt.  This is a Full-Size Men’s Adult Ballooner Bicycle with the Big, Cushy, Fat, New Goodyear Pattern 26″x2.125″ White Wall Tires on a really Nice set of Original Shelby Wheels with Rebuilt New Departure Hubs.  This Beautiful Shelby 52a is Totally Restored and ready for Daily Use or as a Showroom Center Piece.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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