1939 Red Patina Elgin Twin 20 Ballooner Cruiser Bicycle $1880

1939 Red Patina Elgin Twin 20 Ballooner Cruiser Bicycle $1880

07th June 2022 (No Comments)

1939 Red Patina Elgin Twin 20 Ballooner Bicycle. Twin bar Bikes were by Murray of Ohio and Sold by the Sears Department stores from 1938-1942, Pre World War 2. This Bike was Cutting Edge at its time, with an Design that Boasted the Design Similarities of a Suspension Bridge. This is One of My Personal Favorite Antique Bikes. Twin Bars Have a Unique Frame that has no seat tube, The Incredible Head Shroud with logo on the Head tube, The Unique Tear drop pod around the bottom bracket, Finned air cooled Hubs, and Raised ridge Gothic fenders. I have fully restored plenty of these bikes but this One is Cool Colored bike that deserved a Patina Restoration.

This Elgin has been Fully Rebuilt and Patina restored and can be ridden daily. The Wheels are Cream & Rust Patina Prewar Drop centers laced to Elgin Fined Air Cool Hubs with New Blackwall Goodyear pattern tire. This Prewar bike is Big, it has the iconic suspension bridge designed frame, a seat frame clamp that can be set back for a cool laid back feel. The Bike has the Aero pod on the bottom bracket, Head Shroud, peaked Gothic fenders, solid sprocket, and Skiptooth chain. Cool Bicycle with Cools Old Patina that Shows its age and is Rebuilt to Ride and Enjoy, Stylish Head Turner if you will.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.

Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. Cash Price is Lower than our web posted prices.

Non Local Sales: You will be billed through Paypal and Shipping is $270 for most of the US.


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