1939 Wards Hawthorne Zep Ballooner Bike, The One That Got Away!

1939 Wards Hawthorne Zep Ballooner Bike, The One That Got Away!

23rd April 1939 (No Comments)

Check Out this Great Prewar Ballooner Bicycle, Quite a Rare find! I was a Day Late & a dollar short, and this Antique Gem slipped through my hands. I Can’t even tell you the night before Christmas type felling I had about this bike. Any Bike enthusiasts has had one, from the original days of your first bike, to the modern day desire that comes from studying and pondering about owning an unique bicycle. A Friend told me about this Bike and its location and my mind started running. I proceeded to drain my bank account and go and try to buy the bike. What I had was not enough! Hammered with envy I Hustled 2 of my high end bikes out the door to fill the pockets with green. After working hard to get all the money, I ventured off to try to buy again. When I Got there the sign on the door stated ” in the mountains”.  At That moment I Knew the bike was already in a deal with a fellow collector and this notion was soon proved true. Now The second feeling I had was the one that got away, this feeling I hope you haven’t felt. The Bike is in great hands with the new owner who Detrimental to Preserving Bicycle History and a Major Contributor to the Lux Low Dream. If it had to go some where besides my collection that was the perfect destination. I took these Photos of the bike after the new owner detailed the Bike. Enjoy the Amazing Beauty of this 1939 Wards Hawthorne Zep. 

This Is a Full Size Mens Adult Bike with 26″x 2.125″ Ballooner Wheels. Bike has amazing original paint with pin striping unknown to other collectors with restored versions. This Bike was made by HP Snyder aka Rollfast for Montgomery Wards Department Stores. I have been told of CWC Version, but personally think they all were HP Snyder. The HP Snyder Construction looks similar to a CWC bike. I Have a hard time believing two companies have the exact same tooling for a bike that had  such a limited run. The Juries still out on this one.


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