1965 Lime Schwinn Stingray Bike J-33 2 Speed

1965 Lime Schwinn Stingray Bike J-33 2 Speed

02nd March 1965 (No Comments)

This 1965 Lime Stingray J-33 is a Highly sought after Early Schwinn Sting Ray.  The Earlier Models were Crafted with more Chrome and Unique Colors, thus Making the first Few Years of Stingrays Extremely Desireable to Collectors.  This 1965 J -33 Stingray Is a Long Frame Stingray and Has the AS Schwinn 20″ Springer fork and a Bendix Blue Band 2 Speed Overdrive Hub.

This 1965 J-33 has a Beautifully Re-Chromed Original Crank and Rare Original High Loop Sissy Bar.  It has Nice Original Chrome 20″ Schwinn Springer, Sprocket, Seat post Clamp, Handle bars, and Pedals.  The Chain is New and so is this Sweet Original Chrome 20″ Schwinn Springer Fork.  The Bicycle has Nice Original Schwinn White Chub Grips.  The Front wheel is an Original Rebuilt Schwinn Script Front Hub Laced with Stainless Steel Spokes to a Real Nice Original S-7 Rim with a NOS 20″x1 3/4″ Schwinn Westwind Repro Blackwall Tire.  This is a Quality Schwinn Reproduction from the Late 1990s.  The rear Wheel is a Sweet Rebuilt Bendix Blue Band 2 speed Overdrive hub Laced with Stainless Steel Spokes to a Sweet Original S-2 Rim with BIG Bad Ol Square Profile NOS Uniroyal FastTrak Blackwall Slick Tire.  The Bendix blue Band Overdrive Hub is a Unique Coaster Brake Hub that Has 2 Speeds, starting out in one gear and with a slight back pedal (with out Braking ) it shifts to a harder gear so you can go faster ( thus OverDrive ).  Braking Resets the Hub, Yes, that Is Pretty Sweet.  These Bendix 2 Speed hubs were Deluxe Options on Certain Stingrays that make some of the Rarest and Unique Stingray Bicycles.  The Seat is a Original Schwinn / Pearsons Remade Deep White Tuft Seat With Reflector tab and Reflector and a Rare Original High Loop Sissy Bar.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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