1933 Schwinn B10E MotorBike, First Fat Tire Bike

1933 Schwinn B10E MotorBike, First Fat Tire Bike

11th March 1933 (No Comments)

Rare 1933 Schwinn B10E MotorBike, the very First of Fat Tire Bicycles (1933) and is a piece of Cruiser History.  Schwinn’s Competitors Did not Release their Ballooner Bicycles until a Few years Later.

The Schwinn Motorbike was Produced 1933 – 1935. The Bicycle is Original, with the Rare #1 Bucket Seat, Motorbike Handle Bars with Coke Bottle Grips, Skip Tooth Sprocket and Chain, New Departure Drop Center Wheels, Trussed Fork, Torrington #10 pedals and The Original Arnold Schwinn ( The World ) Head Badge.  This Bicycle Has New GoodYear Pattern Tires, has been Meticulously Rebuilt and is in Excellent Mechanical Condition.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.


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