1940 Our Own Hardware Schwinn DX Bike

1940 Our Own Hardware Schwinn DX Bike

29th March 1940 (No Comments)

This is a 1940 Our Own Hardware EZ Speed Schwinn DX Ballooner Bicycle and was originally Made for the Our Own Hardware Stores.  The Schwinn DX was one of Schwinn’s Mid-Grade Bicycles and considered the Popular Priced Bike.  Although Not a Top of the Line Bicycle, it had all the Bells and Whistles of more expensive models and the DX’s Stylings are Very Popular to The Expert and Novice Collector.  This Prewar DX is the Rare DX Winged pattern that was only used for 2 Years and This particular Bike was only made in 1940.  It has an Amazing, Original, Our Own Hardware EZ Speed Badge.  Prewar and Early Post War Schwinn Bikes were sold to Numerous Stores (Department, Hardware and Automotive) that Displayed Personal Store Names or Brand Name Badges.  The Schwinn Bicycle Line stayed the Same but the Stores could order Color Combinations, Special Features, and have Their Own Badges Installed. 

This Original 1940 Schwinn has Beautiful New Paint and Decals on the Original Prewar Ballooner Fenders, Chain Guard, DX Tank, Fork, Rack, Light and DX Frame.  This DX Has A Working Delta Horn In the Tank and the Original Delta Light.  This Bike Has Rechromed Original Schwinn Parts including a Prewar Dog Leg AS Crank, Sweet heart Skiptooth Chainring, Prewar Bottom Bracket, Head Set, and Prewar Struts.  The Bicycle has a Nice Original Repro AS Phantom Stem, Schwinn Seatpost and Miller Kickstand.  The Rare Skiptooth Chain is a really Nice Diamond Roller 1 inch Pitch Chain (Skiptooth).  The Vintage Coke Bottle Grips are Nice Originals.  This is a Full-Size Men’s Adult Ballooner Bike With the Big, Cushy, Fat, New, Goodyear Pattern 26″x 2.125″ Black Wall tires on Original Rebuilt Prewar Dropcenter wheels.  The Drop Center Wheels are Powder Coated Black for Durability and striped with Cream Accents.  The Wheels are Laced with Stainless Double Butted Spokes to a Schwinn Script Front Hub and a rear New Departure Model D Hub.  The Wheels are Beauties in Themselves, True and Rebuilt For Effortless Cruising.  The Seat is a Sweet Original Rebuilt Messenger Saddle.  This Seat Is powder coated for Durability, Rebuilt with New Foam and Leather for Style and Comfort.  It also has an Original Prewar Rack with Glass Reflector.  Ding!

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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