1950 Shelby Donald Duck Bike – Susan’s Memories Keeny’s Bike

1950 Shelby Donald Duck Bike – Susan’s Memories Keeny’s Bike

10th March 1950 (No Comments)

Quack! Quack! In the 1950s, the Donald Duck Bicycle was The Status Symbol of choice by my Elementary Grade School Friends.  We all read Donald Duck Comics and Disney was the Mega Hit it is now.  I didn’t have a Donald Duck Bicycle, but I had the Next Best Thing; a Cousin who’s Father Indulged him for Whatever he Wanted.  My cousin Buck was the First in our School to have the bicycle and I got to go to his house anytime I wanted.  Now, of course, I became very Popular with Other Girls who now wanted to Play with me and urge me to take them to Buck ’s house for a ride.  I did take my best friend Judy and she was the happy recipient of a ride on the handle bars of the Donald Duck Bicycle.  I think those rides were construed as a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  She rode and rode, while I was begging for a turn and watched them from the yard.  I never did get to actually pedal it on my own, but I did feel a touch of greatness.

  This Recollection is of Mother’s Childhood Memories.  I Got This Bicycle for My Niece Keeny.  She Likes Donald Duck now and I Hope she likes riding the bicycle when she learns how.  The Bicycle Originally had a Tank that Quacked and Eyes that Lit up, but Unfortunately I don’t have these items.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.


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