LL Info

Lux Low is solely the dedicated passion, artistry, craftsmanship, knowledge and quality mechanics of Tyler Stans. From my humble beginnings in Florida where I was the owner of a clothing manufacturer called “Nappy Threads”, I changed my passions from clothing to bicycles, and landed at the Lux Low Ranch in Golden, Colorado where my passion meets efficiency, value, quality and recycling with a touch of Zen.

With a handful of apprentices and cronies, Lux Low now produces close to 500 bikes a year. Lux Low is driven with quality, craftsmanship, knowledge, efficiency and mechanics. The majority sales are made to our local community through craigslist and repeat customers, where most of the bikes are Schwinn Ballooner bikes and Patina restorations. Lux Low emphasizes on full antique restorations excelling in prewar and postwar ballooner bikes. The custom chopper is still the biggest passion, but with the time involved, we have cut down production to a handful a year. We also supply the bicycle enthusiasts with approved Lux Low parts and eBay auction parts (user: “luxlowbikes” formally nappythreads) to keep your vintage bikes on the road. We have also branched into vintage road bikes, track bikes and turn of the century racing bicycles. Lux Low is about efficiency and being green, boasting recycling and the quality of our rebuilt vintage bikes that will outlast new departments store bikes and will keep heads turning because of their uniqueness. With the growing popularity of cruisers, my customers are looking past the new Taiwanese Cruiser lines and discovering where it all started, built in the USA and recycled in the USA.

Long overdue from our beginnings as luxurylowrider.com, we have streamlined and changed our look to LuxLow.com an ever growing sales engine and Lux Low portfolio.

Please enjoy my bikes, they are working pieces of history, rebuilt to last another 50 years. Now enjoy our bicycle creations on Luxlow.com.