1941 Vintage Iver Johnson Streamline Deluxe Mobike Ballooner Bicycle

1941 Vintage Iver Johnson Streamline Deluxe Mobike Ballooner Bicycle

01st June 1941 (No Comments)

The Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Model 76m or Streamline Deluxe Mobike is a Unique double Arch bar Ballooner bike. This Antique Fat tire Cruiser has Unique Iver Fenders with inset rear Reflector, Cross Braced Handle Bars, Deluxe Saddle, Truss fork, and Drop Stand. The 1941 Iver Johnson Streamline Deluxe Mobike Mobike, as with many other 1941 bikes, was Unique Design that would not reappear after World War 2, when bicycle manufacturing resumed. This Gem is Lux Low Patina Restored, Ready for Show or to be Ridden Daily.

¬†You can see this 1941 Lux Low Patina Restored Iver Johnson is a Beauty. The Iver Johnson Streamline Deluxe Mobike comes with Unique Chrome IJ fenders, rear inset glass reflector, and drop stand clip. The Wheels are Beautiful Iver Antique Yellow Ballooner 26″x2.125″ Drop center rims laced to a Front New Departure WL and a rear Morrow Coaster Brake hub. The IJ wheels are quite amazing and the tires are New Repro Good Year Pattern Black wall 26″x2.125′ Ballooner Tires, the Handle Bars are IJ Cross-braced Handlebars with Coke bottle grips, IJ Chrome Fork with Truss rods, the Drive is Skiptooth. The Seat is a Deluxe Troxel with Great Matching Patina. Shes a Beauty, ready to ride, Should you like to put her on a pedestal or ride her daily, she is ready for Both.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.



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