1941 Prewar Arnold Schwinn & Co built Henderson DX Bicycle

1941 Prewar Arnold Schwinn & Co built Henderson DX Bicycle

14th August 1941 (No Comments)

Beautiful 1941 Henderson Deluxe DX Tank Cruiser Bike in Classic DX Blue built by Arnold Schwinn & Co. This DX Blue is overly  common to to many post war ladies bikes and seldom seen on mens bikes. DX Blue was an option on the 1941 mens DX and rarely appeared on mens bikes after that. We acquired a NOS Can Of Schwinn DX Blue paint and had it formulated for our restorations. You Can See the Brilliance of this color when it was new as compared to the many Faded DX Sisters you have probably seen. The DX was Schwinn’s  Mid grade or  Economy Marketed Bicycle. You can see here,although a economy bicycle, this Deluxe DX  had all the bells and whistles and is an Iconic Classic appreciated by all. 

I Commonly Give Details of the Bike here, but this Bike Sold before it was done and off the stand.  I am Going to trade further description for a Bike Ride. Enjoy!


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