1950s CWC Made Trail Blazer Ballooner Bike

1950s CWC Made Trail Blazer Ballooner Bike

11th March 1950 (No Comments)

This is an Antique, 1950s, Trail Blazer, Balloon Tire Bicycle with a Rare, 2 Speed, Trigger Shift Bendix Hub. This Trail Blazer was Manufactured by Cleveland Welding Mfg.

This is a Full-Size, Men’s, Adult Bicycle with Big, New, Cushy, Good Year Pattern 26″x2.125 Black Wall Balloon Tires.  This Bicycle has Been Totally Rebuilt Including The Rare Bendix 2 Speed, Trigger Shifter and Hubs.  This Trail Blazer is a Looker with Really Nice Patina, Style that’s Mechanically Superb, and Quite Honestly, it’s One Bad Townie Bicycle.


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