Lux Low Specializes in Vintage Bike Patina Restoration. Lux Low strives for excellence with an Emphasis on Quality, Artistry, Craftsmanship, Knowledge, and Mechanics. Lux Low only Restores Quality Vintage Bikes, that will retain Value after restoration and insure years of riding Pleasure.

Lux Low hand picks Quality Vintage bikes for our Patina Restorations, then records, researches, un assembles, and catalogs the bike to insure and accurate restoration. The Bike is Completely Disassembled, Cleaned, Visually Inspected, Straightened, and Repaired. The Painted parts are Deep Cleaned and Resealed for Luster and Protection. Lux Low Patina Process is our own time tested and approved process, please respect the privacy of our methods. The Bike is completely re assembled with quality mechanics and matching correct patina parts. Lux Low Patina Restored Bikes give added Protection from the elements and the Mechanic Rebuild assures Smooth Ride and Comfort for Effortless Pedaling. Our Patina Bike prices are based on: cost, work involved, rarity, value, and how many original parts. You will find that our least expensive Patina Bicycle will have some new parts, surprising making the bike less expensive for comfort upgrade.

Lux Low Deibo: The Lux Low Deibo is our Showcase Recycled bike. When the paint is un acceptable for a patina restore, we sand blast and paint the frame flat black. We reassemble the bike with blend of original and new parts, test her, and then they are back on the road. The Deibo is one of our most popular bikes due to the fact that they are Quality Recycled Schwinn Cruisers with a clean basic look. The Deibo is Simple and one of our most comfortable bikes.

Lux Low Patina Restoration Services and Prices : Lux Low will Provide our Patina Restoration Services on bicycles we approve and specialize in Patina restoring. These include prewar and postwar ballooner bikes like: Schwinn, Dayton, Huffman, Colson, ( CWC ) Cleveland Welding Company, Roadmaster, Western Flyer, Hawthorne, Elgin, Murray, Mercury, and Shelby. Lux Low Patina Restored Bike Prices, range around 250 to 450 dollars for Basics (cabling can be extra) and can go up to 1000 dollars with exotic antique bikes. Lux Low will try to use all the original parts, only replacing parts when necessary. (replacement parts can run extra). We will also advise with any Lux Low Improvement in regards to value, comfort, and originality. A Patina Restore includes a full mechanical rebuild to insure Quality Performance that will last for years. Lux Low Does Not Perform Tune ups, as we find tune ups only move problems around the bike. Estimated prices do not include shipping.

If you would like to Know if your bike is something we are interested in Patina Restoring. Please Email Me at with the Make, type, model, year and a picture ( please no giant files ) We will Email you with whether we can do our magic on your bike and a Preliminary Estimate.