Vintage 1960 Schwinn Radiant Green 8 Speed Varsity Road Bike

Vintage 1960 Schwinn Radiant Green 8 Speed Varsity Road Bike

24th February 1960 (No Comments)

The 1960 Schwinn Varsity is probably one of the most important collector bicycles, as this 8 Speed Schwinn Racer started the Lightweight Revolution in America. This 100% Original example of Schwinn’s First produced Lightweight Road Racer offering 8 Speeds, with unique early rod lever operated front and telescoping rear Simplex Derailleurs. Previous Multi speed Schwinns had 3 Speed interplanetary  touring set ups.  The 1960 Varsity also offered drop racing bars, a Leather Ideale Saddle, Weinmann Brakes, Rattrap Pedals, and 26″ x 1 1/4″ S-6 Steel wheels. The 1960 Varsity came in 3 frame sizes: 19″,21″, and 23″ and in the colors Radiant Red, Green, Blue, White, and Black. 

 This 1960 Schwinn Varsity is Rebuilt and Restored, Ready to go with Patina Intact, although it’s Not a Lux Low Patina Restore. The bike came from a Respected Collector / College who was a long time Schwinn Dealer and the effort and restoration of this bike is top notch. The Bike is a 19″ Model which measures 19″ or around 48cm from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube. The Bike is immaculate and is 100% Correct. The paint is pretty decent but has some touch up that is almost impossible to see. This is a wonderful piece of history and would make a great addition to any Schwinn Collection.

Local Sale: Cash Pickup in Golden, Colorado. Cash Price is Lower than our web posted prices.

Non Local Sales: You will be billed through Paypal and Shipping is: $120 for this bike to most of the US.

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