1941 Firestone Bull Nose Super Cruiser

1941 Firestone Bull Nose Super Cruiser

21st February 1941 (No Comments)

This 1941 Firestone Bullnose Super Cruiser Bicycle has all the Patina and Character of a Bicycle close to 70 years old.  This bicycle was originally made By Colson for the Firestone Tire Stores.  It’s a Rare Bicycle and was only in Production about one Year in 1941, Pre World War 2, and did Not Resurface until After War Time.  Bicycle production was Scaled Back During Wartime efforts and Only Basic Bicycles without Deluxe features were in production.  This Bicycle has Incredible Style and Design and is Highly Sought after by Collectors.  Take a Look and You can see why the Firestone Bull Nose Super Cruiser is truly One of a Kind.

I Bought this Firestone Bull Nose Super Cruiser to completely Restore it, but Fell in Love with its Original Patina and decided to Meticulously Rebuild it into a Patina Restoration.  It has the Unique Colson Springer Action Fork and the Tank, Fenders, Rack and Chain Guard are Incredibly Straight and Show Off the Wonderful Patina with a 3 Colored Design.  This Bicycle is Totally Rebuilt and Mechanically Superb.  The Painted Parts were Deep Cleaned and Resealed.  The Original New Departure Hubs are Rebuilt.  The wheels are trued to the Drop center rims, and of Course, the bike has Original Firestone 26″x 2.125″ Balloon Tires.  This Firestone Bull Nose Super Cruiser is a Full-Size Adult Bicycle.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.


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