1939 Sears Elgin Twin 20 Bicycle

1939 Sears Elgin Twin 20 Bicycle

19th February 1939 (No Comments)

This is an Original Twin 20 Model Elgin Bicycle made in late 1939 or early 1940.  Elgin Twinbar Bicycles were made by Murray of Ohio and Sold by the Sears Department stores from 1938-1942, making it a Pre World War 2 Bicycle.  This Bicycle was the Cutting Edge of it’s time having a Design that Boasted the Similarities of a Suspension Bridge.  Elgin Twinbars are Very Unique and Highly Sought after By Collectors and also happens to be one of My Personal Favorite Antique Bicycles.  Twinbars have a Unique Frame, having No Seat Tube and has an Incredible Head Shroud with a Logo on the Head tube.  It has a Unique Teardrop Pod around the Bottom Bracket, Finned Air Cooled Hubs, and Raise Ridge Gothic Fenders.  Having Incredible Design and Quality Craftsmanship, the Twinbars Gave Classic Schwinn Bicycles a Run for their Money.

This Bicycle has Incredible Show Chrome with a Rechromed Original Elgin Crank, Skiptooth Sprocket, Bottom Bracket, Headset, Seat Post, and Stem.  The Hardware is a combination of Rechromed and New Spec Stainless Steel.  The Handle Bars, Working Torpedo Fender Light, American Torpedo Grips, and Pedals are Nice New Reproductions.  The Rare Skiptooth Chain is a Nice Diamond Roller and in Good Working Condition.  This Twinbar has an Extremely Nice Rebuilt Original Rear Elgin Air Cool Coaster Brake Hub (Musselman Made).  The Front hub is a Rare Stewart Warner Floating Hub and is in Sweet Original Condition, Rebuilt and the Outer Plate has been Rechromed.  This Hub had Vibration, or Bump Dampening Qualities, and was Elgin’s Suspension Option.  The Wheels are Rebuilt with Sweet Stainless Steel Spokes and laced to Super Sweet Original Drop Center Rims.  The Tires are Original Sears Allstate Blackwall 26″x 2.125″ Ballooner Tires.  It has a Unique Rechromed Original Elgin Head set and Bottom Bracket and an Elgin Teardrop Rack with Reflectors with Rebuilt Original Twinbar only Kickstand.  The seat is an Original Elgin Troxel Saddle Rebuilt and Comfortable and the Rails and Springs are Powder Coated for Durability and Rebuilt with New Foam and a Quality Leather Top.  The Elgin Twin 20 Bicycle is a Unique, Rare, Incredible Beauty, and Highly Sought after and Shows History and Beauty.

Click here for Details of the Lux Low Full Antique Restoration Process on this Bike.


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