1914 Crown Great Western Manufacturing Wood Wheel Bicycle

1914 Crown Great Western Manufacturing Wood Wheel Bicycle

24th March 1914 (No Comments)

1914 Antique Crown wood wheel Bike made by the Great Western Manufacturing Company La Porte, Indiana U.S.A.. This Old Crown bike has a Wonderful Unique Ornamental frame that’s Beauty stands out compared to other plainer diamond frames of the time. Great Western Manufacturing Company was formed in 1898 as the result of a merger between four other cycle companies: David Bradley, J. Lonn & Sons, Adams-Westlake Companies of Chicago and the Crown Bicycle Works of La Porte. It Was Quoted that the Great Western Company was second largest in the country, being eclipsed only by the American Bicycle Company. (ABC a loose partnership of bicycle companies formed as a Trust to control manufacturing standards and stem the flow of cheap bicycles into the market) After the 1990s Bicycle boom the bicycle industry hit a Economic down turn and mergers were sought instead of going out of business. Crown Bicycles were made from 1900 to 1918.

 This Crown Bike is a Nice Quality Antique bike showing Craftsmanship better than most mass production bicycles. The Bike is a 28″ x 1 1/2″ Wood wheel Bike and took a Tubular Tire. The Bike is an Interesting Old Bicycle, Restored as Found with Patina intact. The Wood Rims have been refinished, restored, and re laced to original hubs with solid tubulars. The rear hub is a New Departure Model A Coaster Brake and the Chain is an early Skiptooth chain. The Crank & Sprocket are Fauber Special with an unique Bottom Bracket. Unique Fenders with threaded wire fender braces. The Bike is all Original (as Found) except for the seat was a deep bucket spring set (missing the top) and the pedals were missing. The Wood Wheels and Original Patina is Beautiful and although completely rebuilt, I would say she is more of a show piece than 100 year old Rider.

This Amazing Bicycle is Rebuilt, Cleaned, and Sealed.  This Bicycle would Be Perfect For a Collection, Conversation or Decoration. Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.


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