1910 Iver Johnson Truss Bridge Roadster Track Bike

1910 Iver Johnson Truss Bridge Roadster Track Bike

13th March 1910 (No Comments)

This Vintage Fixed Gear Racing Bicycle was a modeled after Major Taylor’s own Track Bicycle. This Roadster featured light steel tubing and designs specified by Taylor himself, The Truss Bridge was added to the frame for durability for off track street use. This Frame gained Iver Johnson much strength notability, know as ” Trust the Truss “. Major Taylor is a Famous Black Racer out of the 1890′s, who endured racial criticism ( often banned from American races ), but still rose to the top of the racing ranks. Major Taylor’s racing career flourished in Europe ( where sportsmanship out weight racism ) in the early 1990s winning the majority of races he entered. Taylor’s Success and sponsorship by Iver Johnson greatly helped the success Iver Johnson Bicycles. Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Fitchburg Massachusetts was originally a gunsmith who started business around the time of the civil war. Iver Johnson first produced Lovell Diamond bicycles for a retailer, then after price points and quality differences, they produced their own line preserving there trueness to Iver’s quality. Iver Johnson Bicycle are Quite Unique and have the gunsmithing type detail, Iver Johnson Bikes stand in a class of there own in Mechanics, Style, & Quality.

¬†This 100 year old Iver Shows her Age, She’s an Old Bicycle, Restored as Found with Patina intact. The Original smaller racing wood rims have been refinished, restored, and re laced to original hubs with original racing tubulars. Hubs spin nice, the wood wheels are fairly true, 28″x 1 1/8″ Gillette Road Racer tubulars do not hold air but show age and add to the bikes patina. The rear hub is Fixed Gear and the Chain is an early Skiptooth chain. The Bike is Original (as Found) except the pedals were added and I do question the handle bars. The bike was found black but after working with it I determined it was sprayed at some point. The bike is finished raw because after removing the badge it was apparent the bike was Chrome or Nickel at one time. The Wood Wheels and Original Patina is Beautiful and although completely rebuilt, I would say she is more of a show piece than 100 year old Rider. This Iconic Track Racer is a Classic telling a Story with her Patina & Age.

This Amazing Bicycle is Rebuilt, Cleaned, and Sealed.  This Bicycle would Be Perfect For a Collection, Conversation or Decoration. Click here for Details of the Lux Low Vintage Patina Restoration Process on this Bike.



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