Tires: 2 Vintage Schwinn Brick 26″x 1 3/4″ S-7 Bike Tires (A Set)

27th March 2010 ( Comments)

Tires: 2 Vintage Schwinn Brick 26″x 1 3/4″ S-7 Bike Tires (A Set)

2 NOS Schwinn Brick Pattern WhiteWall Bicycle Tires in theĀ  S-7 Size - 26"x1 3/4". Fitting Only 26" Antique Schwinn Cruiser Middleweight S7 Rims & Wheels.

2 NOS Quality Rubber Bike Tires with the Vintage Schwinn Brick Pattern. The S-7 Size 26"x1 3/4" is an Odd and hard to find size that only Fits Vintage Schwinn S-7 Rims and Wheels. This is a New Old Stock set of Import Reproduction Brick Pattern Tires, although not as old as Original Westwind tires, These S-7 Brick Pattern Tires are No Longer Made, Thus NOS. When I Sell out of this tire they are Gone. A Nice Whitewall Tire with a Round Profile. Tire Does not have any Schwinn Markings. These tires are our favorite quality replacement tire for the Antique Schwinn Westwind tire. Our Correct Schwinn Middleweight Bicycle Tire. Reliable Service and Quality, Perfect to Get your Schwinn Middleweight Cruiser Bike Back on the Road. Please confirm your existing tire size when ordering for correct match.


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