Wheels: New Black Alloy 26″ Cruiser Bike Wheels A-Set

26th August 2010 ( Comments)

Wheels: New Black Alloy 26″ Cruiser Bike Wheels A-Set

New Import Set of Black Alloy Cruiser Bicycle Wheels. Set comes with a Front and Rear coaster Brake. Black Alloy Rims, Black spokes, and Black Hubs. Cool Solid black, a Great Companion with our Colored Tires.  Perfect for your Antique Ballooner, Vintage Cruiser, Rat Rod, or Custom Schwinn Chopper. Size 26"

This is Quality Import 26"x 1.75" Black Alloy Wheel set. These Wheels will take 26"x1.75", 26"x2.125", 26"x2.5" Tires. These baby's are our new favorite wheels for our Lux Low Rat Rod Customs. You will Find The Black wheels a must when using our colored tires. (note colored tires do not look good on chrome wheels). Quality Look and Performance. These Wheels are the perfect Addition Custom Antique Cruiser Bike, Rat Rod, Vintage Schwinn Restoration, or Custom Chopper Lowrider Bicycle Project.

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