Handlebar: Wide Half Moon Cruiser Bike Handle Bar

18th December 2010 ( Comments)

Handlebar: Wide Half Moon Cruiser Bike Handle Bar

This is our Mega Wide Half Moon Handle bar. The bars come in 2 versions: 7/8" diameter with the Traditional Flared 1" or 25.4mm center (Classic). 7/8" or 22.2mm diameter with the Traditional 7/8" center to use with our 4 Bolt BMX Style stems.

New Quality Chrome Half Moon Handlebar. The Bar is a wide swooping round radius made of 7/8" Steel tubing. The Bars are 31 3/4" wide and have 3" of rise. This Half Moon handle bar is a real wide version, common style to some of the Prewar mens bike half moon handle bars. The bars come in 2 versions: The 1" or 25.4mm Center and 7/8" Center. The 1" Traditional Flared center Handle bar is used on all Classic Vintage Schwinn & Cruiser Bicycles with 1" standard stems. The 7/8" or 22.2mm center handle bar is to use with 4 Bolt BMX style stems. The 7/8" center version provides maximum strength against slipping, and is strongly suggested in large handle bar applications for Extreme leverage. These Handle Bars have Quality look and performance for your vintage bicycle restoration or custom chopper project or Fixie Fascination.

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