United Sound Bikes ( USB ) Bringing Music Bicycles Together in Harmony

United Sound Bikes ( USB ) Bringing Music Bicycles Together in Harmony

06th September 2011 (No Comments)

The USB Project ” United Sound Bikes ” is the Uniting of Sound Bikes on Cruiser Bicycle Rides & Social Events. Cruiser Rides are growing in popularity and sometimes provide larger attendances then the Hottest Club Nights. This Free & Exhilarating Movement has produced Plethora of Music Bikes and along with that some sound Confusion and or Pollution. The Purpose of the USB is provide Superior Musical Harmony and Enhanced Entertainment by joining Forces and Live Entertainment. When we threw this Idea out there and the response was over whelming, as contacted some talented Djs and a load contacted me about performing, all showing Enthusiasm and Interest in this New Mobile Party. LuxLow.com and a few cronies have joined forces and plan to be totally mobile with events planed for the 2012 Cruiser Season.

┬áThe heart of this pioneering project is a few Lux Low Music Bike Creations: The Trike of Boom, The SBS Side By Side Dj Tandem Trike Bicycle (in progress) , Sound Track Fixie (in Progress). A few Historical Cronies Machines: John’s Stretch with Side Car Sound. We will also be getting support from quite a few Music Trailer Creations. The USB will unite Sound by Broadcasting a Signal that can be picked up by all music bikes creating one loud clear sound rocking the streets. Superior Sound and Entertainment is not the only goal, Efficiency and Clarity is also on the fore front, as the machines will be powered by batteries. Loud is not the key so the USB will implement a more calculated efficient approach to Sound. Feel Free to visit LuxLow.com for Progress and the United Sound Bikes group on FB Discussion and Like Luxlow.com on FaceBook.


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