Lux Low Vintage Parts Swap Corner

This is our Lux Low Swapper Corner. Parts here are Bulk Listed, if you see any thing you would like, make an offer to the email below. Email must include your (1) Paypal Email (2) City & State (3) Picture your Referencing (4) Part Positioning Letter & Number. Pictures will have Names in there descriptions and the pictures will have letter columns that read left to right and numbered parts reading down with the top. Top part being #1. Parts on Top will be Higher priced and go down in price as you go down. Descriptions will include price range value (not including shipping) and shipping Estimates. I will add to the description to tell which items have sold.1,2,3,4 Parts Swap contact us at:

Shipped orders: are Paypal Only and ship to your Paypal Adderess. Upon Lux Low Approval you will have to go to and hit the send money tab and send money to click merchandise button and add the details of your Lux Low part Swap approval 1,2,3,4. That’s it, we will pack up your part and promptly get it out to you. Local Pick in Golden Colorado is Welcome by Appointment and Cash ONLY.

Think!!! This in Our Effort to Recycle and Reuse all Products, Supplying parts to people that need them and the lowest price possible. Efficiency I Critical Here! Make Good Respectable Calculated offers that don’t waste my time. I will reply with one counter offer only and Bogus offers will not get a reply. Buy form our cart and I am more inclined to ad parts from this swap section as without additional shipping costs. Sorry the Description and Pictures will be all info for these items. Please Make purchase decision from Information given. And always the More You Buy the more you Save.

Chain Guards # 1: Value range $40 to $8 with shipping around $15. Guards are Used, Have Patina, and may need straightening. Guards with Detachable Mounting Brackets most likely will have Missing Brackets. A3, A4, B3 are 24" Guards

Seats #1: Value range $25 to $6 with shipping around $14 . Seats Do Not have come with Mounting hardware. ( No Seat pan Clamp) Seat Rails may need straightening.

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