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Please Contact us Via Email for:

1. If you have Questions regarding the Sale of one of our Lux Low Bicycles:  The Bike is For Sale if it has a Price.  Bike sales will be direct, via email or phone.  We will invoice you through Paypal for payment.

2. If you have a Special Part Inquiry:  Please tell us what your looking for, with the Make and Year of the Bike.  We’ll have to Dig and Research your part.  If we have the part, you will Receive a Paypal Bill from us with a Price and Item Description.  Please make sure your Paypal email account is Attached to your Inquiry.  Unfortunately, if you Do Not Hear Back from us Within a Week we Do Not have your part.

3. If You would like to Make an Appointment to Purchase a Bike or Product With Local Pickup at the Lux Low Ranch, Golden Colorado:  We Still Request you tell us What you’re looking for with the Make and Year of the bike So we can have it Ready upon Pick up. Local Sales are Cash Only.

4. If You would like to Make an Appointment to have an Accurate Estimate for Lux Low Restoration Services:  If you are Not Local Please Email Me with the Make, Type, Model, Year of Your Bike and also List all Parts that Need to be Painted.  We will Email you with a Preliminary Estimate.

5. If you Have a Vintage Bike or Bikes For Sale:  Please contact us via email with the Make, Model, Tire Sizes, Quantity,Your Estimated Selling Price and Item Location.

6. If you Have Too Many Questions and would Like to Make a Phone Appointment:  Contact Tyler at:


Please use our forum for Questions of : Bike Identifying. Technical Issues. Repair Tips etc.

This will Build a database that can help Everyone.

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