Vintage Iver Johnson Chater Lea Racer Fixed Gear Track Bike $4250

This 1927 Iver Johnson Chater Lea Special Racer is the Holly Grail of Iver Track Bicycles and Glorifies Iver’s Commitment to Racing. Iver Johnson has a deep rich history in track racing, most notably known for the African American Racer Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor. Major Taylor had a dominant career in Track Racing and became the second Black Athlete, in any sport, to win a world title. This Top of the Line Bike has Special Chrome-Mo-lib-den-um cold drawn seamless steel tubing an is adorned with Special Chatter Lea Hanger and Hubs. Iver Johnson Bicycles are amazing machines with gun smithing quality and detail. This Iver Special Chatter Lea Racer is also called a Model 90B.

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2009 Lux Low Droid 2 Chopper Bicycle $2000

2009 Lux Low Droid 2 Chopper Bicycle that is Raw, Mean, and Lean Boasting Performance and Style. As one of out Level 3 Choppers she is the pinnacle of years of development in Lux Low Choppers. Shown as I Envisioned, Droid 2 is finished in raw brushed Steel, built with a emphasis on performance and Compact design, making it a head turner that’s Excellent to Ride.

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Amazing Antique 1935 Sears Elgin Falcon Ballooner Bicycle $3500

This Vintage 1935 Elgin Falcon prewar bike was made by Columbia / Westfield manufacturing for the Sears department stores. The Falcon was one of Elgin’s first fat tire cruiser bikes, boasting a smooth soft balloon tire ride, and motorcycle styling. As you can see, the styling on this antique ballooner bike is unmatched. The Falcon has a streamlined automobile type Twin-bar frame, a hanging tool box tank, rugged rear carrier, deluxe bucket saddle, crossed braced handle bars, rear drop stand, light, speedometer, and siren.

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Vintage 1917 Schwinn Built Hawthorne Arch bar Truss Bicycle $1500

This Stylish bike is a 1917 Wards Hawthorne Deluxe Arch bar or Truss bridge Bike that was made by Arnold Schwinn & Company. There are a few years in the mid to late teens that Schwinn supplied bicycles to the Wards Department stores to be badged their house brand ” Hawthorne “. Early Schwinn are not very common nor are Schwinn built Hawthorne thus making this bike quite a find.

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Vintage 1920s Schwinn Built Hibbard Motobike Cruiser Bicycle $1760

This Hibbard bike is a Deluxe Motorbike that was made by Arnold Schwinn & Company for the Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, and Company Hardware Stores. H.S.B& Co. was from from Chicago Illinois and had a long history in hardware and bicycles, from the mid late 1800s up past the Second world war. H.S.B. & Co. was also known to developed the True Value Hardware line that still exists today. Early Schwinn are not very common and this one with a Historic Hardware background makes this bike quite a find.

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