LuxLow & Friends along the Way, Denver Cruisers to Music Festivals

I would have to say the only thing better than building Custom Bikes is riding them. This is a Collection of some of our best times and friends along the way for Denver Cruisers to Music Festivals.

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Antique 1912 Shapleigh Hardware Wonder Wood Wheel Bicycle $1380

This Vintage 1912 Wonder was the in house bike brand offered from the Shapleigh Hardware Store. Augustus F. Shapleigh had a history in the hardware industry and in the mid 1800s moved to St. Louis Missouri Considered The Gateway to the West. In St. Louis A. F. Shapleigh developed a highly successful nationwide hardware chain called A. F. Shapleigh Hardware. A. F. Shapleigh hardware stores had a long run out lasting many competitors, staying in business up until 1960s. It is known that Shapleigh had some of there bikes made by Pope / Columbia and this one is Pope manufactured.

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Vintage 1898 Thistle Racer / Roadster Wood Wheel Bicycle $3800

Little is known about the Thistle Bicycle except that the Thistle was manufactured by Fulton Machine Works and had ties to Excelsior Cycle Supply both in Chicago around 1892 to 1900. What is known is that Quite Possibly the most Iconic Early Women’s Racer, Tillie Anderson aka ” The Terrible Swede ” Rode a Thistle Bicycle. Tillie Anderson a Swedish immigrant raced in a brief era where women were allowed to race in Road and Track 6 Day races. Tillie entered 130 races and won all but 7, quite a dominating performance and career. Unfortunately women’s racing was taboo and the “LAW” League of American Wheelman abolished Women’s racing in the early 1900s and Women’s Racing would set back for decades. This Antique Thistle Bike is is Quite an Exquisite Piece of Machinery only trumped by an Tillie Anderson Racing Accomplishments.

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1936 Vintage CWC Prewar Roadmaster Fattire Cruiser Tank Bike $3200

This is a Antique 1936 CWC built Roadmaster Bicycle was one for the First Ballooner Bikes offered by “CWC” Cleveland Welding Company. This is a Iconic early one year CWC bike is quite rare and seldom scene. CWC bikes are built rugged and are some of the cooler classic tank bikes. This ballooner bike has the Unique Tank, Gothic Truss fork , Silver Ray, Pancake Horn, Extra heavy duty fenders. This CWC Beast has Tough Style with Good Patina.

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1892 Lovell Diamond Safety Hard Tire Bicycle by Iver Johnson $$$$$

Beautiful Antique Lovell “Diamond” Hard Tire Safety Bike. The Bicycle was manufactured by Iver Johnson for John P. Lovell Arms Co. Sporting Goods Line. Eventually over Time Lovell Diamond became the name of the Bicycle line, but this Bike was actually called a Lovell “Diamond” Model #1. The Model 1 was a Men’s Safety with hard Tires. This Lovell Diamond is a Top Notch Perfectly Restored and Preserved Quality Hard Tire Safety Bicycle.

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