Vintage Iver Johnson Chater Lea Racer Fixed Gear Track Bike $4200

This 1927 Iver Johnson Chater Lea Special Racer is the Holly Grail of Iver Track Bicycles and Glorifies Iver’s Commitment to Racing. Iver Johnson has a deep rich history in track racing, most notably known for the African American Racer Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor. Major Taylor had a dominant career in Track Racing and became the second Black Athlete, in any sport, to win a world title. This Top of the Line Bike has Special Chrome-Mo-lib-den-um cold drawn seamless steel tubing an is adorned with Special Chatter Lea Hanger and Hubs. Iver Johnson Bicycles are amazing machines with gun smithing quality and detail. This Iver Special Chatter Lea Racer is also called a Model 90B.

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Vintage Iver Johnson Superior Truss Bridge Roadster Bicycle $2700

This 1927 Superior Truss Bridge Roadster is a Classic example of the Style and Beauty to be expected from Iver Johnson Bikes. Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, famous for their iconic Truss Bridge Bicycles and Firearms, were built in Fitchburg Massachusetts from the late 1890s till they closed their doors in the 1940s. Iver Johnson Bicycles are amazing machines with gun smithing quality and detail. Iver Johnson’s are unique with proprietary parts like no other, this adds to there value and rarity. This Iver Superior Truss Bar Roadster also called a Model 88.

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1899 Columbia / Pope Model 59 Shaft Drive Wood Wheel Bicycle $2000

This Antique Fixed Gear Wood Wheel Shaft Drive Bike was made by Pope Manufacturing in the year 1899 and was known as a Columbia Model 59. Now coming out of the Gay 1890s Bicycle Boom, Pope and a Few other Manufactures were hedging bets on the Chainless or Shaft Drive Bicycle to be the next best innovation to boost sales. Although the Chainless Bike was in production for many years, the many small parts and Chainless issues proved to be far greater hassle than the basic chain, that is still used today. Columbia’s Shaft drive first appeared in 1898 and were Manufactured into the 1920s. New Model numbers were given the bikes every year and they saw many improvements and changes as the years rolled by. The Chainless started very basic and saw improvement like coaster brakes, multi speeds, and suspension in both Ladies and Men’s models.

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Antique 1888 Springfield Roadster Safety High Wheel Bicycle $9500

Antique Springfield Roadster Safety Hi Wheel bike pretty sure from 1888 but may be 1889. This Bike is a nice representation of the last of the High Wheel / Penny Farthing / Ordinary era. Safety means the bike has a rake and consider safer the Original High Wheel / Ordinary bikes. Pedals and cranks work as a treadle, which is a pumping motion more than circular motion. Definitely advancements for the times, you can also coast on this bike. Springfield Roadster is the beginnings / related or becomes Lovell Diamond and further Iver Johnson Bicycles.

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1941 Firestone Bull Nose Cruiser Prewar Colson Tank Bicycle $2300

This 1941 Firestone Bullnose Cruiser Bike has great Patina and Character to match it’s age. This Prewar bicycle was made by Colson Corp. Elyria, Ohio for the Firestone Tire Department Stores. It’s a Rare Bicycle and was only in Production about one year, Pre World War 2, and did not resurface after the war. 1940 and 1941 were great years for Amazing Ballooner bikes, I easily feel that Colson made some of the Best Bicycles out those years, even rivaling the absolute Quality of Schwinn Bikes. This Bicycle has Incredible Style and Design and is Highly Sought after by Collectors. Take a Look and You can see why the Firestone Bull Nose Cruiser is one of my favorites and is truly One of a Kind.

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