Antique Spalding Chainless w Spoon Coaster Brake TOC Bicycle $6900

This Vintage Spalding Shaft Drive with one of the First Coaster Brake Hubs is an Exquisite Turn of the Century Bicycle. Albert Goodwill Spalding began his sporting career as a Baseball pitcher and later founded A. G. Spalding & Brothers a sporting goods company. During the late 1880s and 1890s, A.G. Spalding produced several different bicycle models and sponsored a racing team to help advertise its cycles. In 1899 Spalding purchased the concerns of over 48 bicycle manufacturers, then sold them to the American Bicycle Company, forming a trust in an effort to reduce overhead and improve slumping sales. This 1900 Model 31 Mens Chainless Bicycle was top of the Line “Latest and Greatest” and even boasted the new luxury of a Coaster Brake as all predecessors were Fixed Gear.

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Vintage 1941 Firestone Bull Nose Cruiser Colson Tank Bicycle $2800

This 1941 Firestone Bullnose Cruiser Bike has great Patina and Character to match it’s age. This Prewar bicycle was made by Colson Corp. Elyria, Ohio for the Firestone Tire Department Stores. It’s a Rare Bicycle and was only in Production about one year, Pre World War 2, and did not resurface after the war. 1940 and 1941 were great years for Amazing Ballooner bikes, I easily feel that Colson made some of the Best Bicycles out those years, even rivaling the absolute Quality of Schwinn Bikes.

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Vintage 1958 Orange Red Ladies Deluxe Schwinn Spitfire Cruiser Bike $630

Sweet 1958 Schwinn Ladies Step Thru Orange / Red and Cream Deluxe Spitfire Middleweight Bicycle. The color is a Beautiful aged Orange / Red that only time could produce. The bike was originally bright red which is quite rare to find it on a ladies bike, a color mainly reserved for Schwinn Boys bikes. The Deluxe Spitfire was top or the line of the Schwinn Economy Models.

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1948 Vintage Planes & Trains Schwinn DX FatTire Cruiser Bike $880

This is a Classic Schwinn DX Ballooner Bicycle, Originally maroon, it has perfectly aged to an Amazing Brown Patina color now, If i didn’t tell you you wouldn’t know. This Plain Jane DX but solid as the day it was born, a true work horse or paper boy bike, rides smooth, looks stylish & with patina, and will get you there in style and comfort.

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1949 Vintage Black Schwinn DX Balloon Tire Cruiser Bicycle $850

This is a Classic Black Schwinn DX Ballooner Bicycle, Basic Bad Ol DX shows Patina and Age, Solid as the day it was born, a true work horse or paper boy bike, rides smooth, and will get you there in style and comfort.

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