Vintage 1898 Thistle Racer / Roadster Wood Wheel Bicycle

20th March 1898 (No Comments)

Vintage 1898 Thistle Racer / Roadster Wood Wheel Bicycle

Little is known about the Thistle Bicycle except that the Thistle was manufactured by Fulton Machine Works and had ties to Excelsior Cycle Supply both in Chicago around 1892 to 1900. What is known is that Quite Possibly the most Iconic Early Women’s Racer, Tillie Anderson aka ” The Terrible Swede ” Rode a Thistle Bicycle. Tillie Anderson a Swedish immigrant raced in a brief era where women were allowed to race in Road and Track 6 Day races. Tillie entered 130 races and won all but 7, quite a dominating performance and career. Unfortunately women’s racing was taboo and the “LAW” League of American Wheelman abolished Women’s racing in the early 1900s and Women’s Racing would set back for decades. This Antique Thistle Bike is is Quite an Exquisite Piece of Machinery only trumped by an Tillie Anderson Racing Accomplishments.

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