1937 Huffman Made Firestone Fleetwood Supreme Bicycle

05th December 1937 (No Comments)

1937 Huffman Made Firestone Fleetwood Supreme Bicycle

Check out the Amazing Styling of this Fully Restored Prewar Vintage Tank Bicycle! An Antique 1937 Firestone Fleetwood Supreme also Known as a Super Streamline. Super Streamline was the name given to Huffman’s other brands like Dayton, Huffman, La France, and National. The Fleetwood Supreme was a top of the line bicycle made by Huffman Manufacturing for the Firestone tire department stores. This rare Gem has a beautiful swooping design frame, a 3 rib Zephyr Long tank, Firestone chainguard, luggage carrier, Deep fenders with initial spot in the front fender.

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